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Coconut Flower / Coconut sprout [PACK OF 1]





The coconut embryo, also known as the coconut flower or coconut sprout, is the nascent, jelly-like substance found within the inner cavity of a young coconut. As the coconut develops, the embryo forms as a soft, translucent gelatinous mass, often surrounded by coconut water. This embryonic stage represents the early growth of the coconut seed.

About this item

TASTE = Spongy, juicy, Sweet with Coconut flavour

WEIGHT = (450 gram to 650 gram) / whole sprouted coconut

SHELF LIFE = Consume best before 3 days from the date of delivery

STORAGE = immediately transfer to the fridge shelf in the same box that is received

VITAMINS = vitamin C, vitamin B COMPLEX, vitamin E, vitamin A

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